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  1. Kanyinsola says:

    I gat so much love for the song

  2. Nathi(the solo artist) says:

    Really is (UNFORGETTABLE)

  3. rasheed says:

    very cool music

  4. Peter says:

    Am come from TANZANIA Africa
    Frech montana
    I LOVE music good voice.
    One day welcome in TANZANIA

  5. Faruq stiles says:

    Great hit

  6. Dj Sbue says:

    awe I like this motherf..en hit

  7. Emma boy aka Fittest says:

    I love this music nice hit

  8. Kukz says:

    The song na song jooorrrr…..the fact that he featured swealee sef…was a bam idea

  9. Andrack Daka says:

    I love the song

  10. nazanin says:

    I love his voice!!!it really contacts

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